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Kuwait Paper Dump is a not for profit website.
Any revenue generated goes back into the website and covers our operating costs.

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What is Kuwait Paper Dump?

Ever thrown away a brochure, a leaflet, or a take-away menu thinking you wouldn’t need it again only to regret it shortly after you’ve disposed of it?

Kuwait Paper Dump is exactly what the name suggests: a place where scraps of paper are stored digitally – ‘dumped’ – so that anyone can quickly and easily refer to them for information.

Kuwait Paper Dump’s Goals

Our mission is to reduce the need for paper by creating an online reference of information that is traditionally distributed by paper media. Kuwait Paper Dump is an environmentally oriented not-for-profit organisation.

How do I find stuff?

There are different ways you can find paper:

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  • Browse through the timeline in the Archives.

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I have papers that I’d like to have posted, what do I do?

Send us your papers using our contribute page and we will gladly add them after reviewing them.

What else can I do to help?

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Leave a comment on the post and we will look into it.

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