Boubyan Bank on World Environment Day

Ansam518 posted about Boubyan Bank’s flyers. They’re brilliant!

A collection of tips to reduce your environmental footprint and save the planet.

  • Change your light bulb – to a more energy efficient light bulb
  • Turn off your computers at night – power off and save energy. IF you can’t power off, turn your screen off!
  • Go vegetarian for one week – animal products are environmentally unsustainable and take more energy to produce; reduce your consumption to reduce the need for supply!
  • Use both sides of the paper
  • Brush without running the water – you don’t need it while brushing!
  • Take a shorter shower, and avoid baths! You can wash an entire car with less than 1 Litre of water!! A shower shouldn’t take more than that!!
  • Plant a tree – in fact, take up gardening! Increase the amount of oxygen in your house
  • Use cruise control – it consumes less gas when you don’t accelerate.
  • Turn off the lights
  • Maintain your vehicle
  • Choose matches over lighters – matches are made of recyclable degradable materials!
  • Plastic bags suck – they do!
  • Pay bills online – because paper bills suck!
  • Use rechargable batteries – again and again and again!
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