Ishk Haute Couture

Ishk Haute Couture - اشك
Ishk Haute Couture - اشك
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  • Ishwaita

    We at the Ishk team are pleased and honored to be a part of Kuwait Paper Dump.

    In the luxurious setting at Ishk, you can find simple tunics to elaborate hand embroidered cocktail dresses, kaftans, Indian suits and saris. Ishk carries exclusively printed and embellished fabrics from around the globe. North Indian Craftsmen are at the workshop in Kuwait to customize designs for clients. Ishk also successfully premiered the designer’s new line of girls dresses especially designed for Girgiaan and Eid 09 &10.

    Each item is exclusively designed by Ishwaita for the Kuwait market. The embroideries and designs on each piece embody exquisite Indian styles such as- Rajasthani, Banarasi & Mughal; which is stylishly combined with popular Arab cuts and styles. There are very few pieces crafted in each design so that patrons can enjoy the exclusivity.

    Specialized couture services are available for all occasions. Styling, Image Consultancy, Personal Shopping, Trousseau Collection, Children’s Special Occasion, Complete Bridal Packages and Couture Evening Wear are offered.

    We hope to see you soon at Ishk and welcome all comments suggestions & reviews.


  • Afrah Gazali

    Ishq is my kind of boutique – modern, trendy, chic and elegant! The clothes here flatter my figure and win me compliments every time.
    Ishwaita’s suggestions and ideas are spot-on & she designs and customises exclusively for every customer making you feel like a million dollars!
    The styles at Ishk have international appeal and you can always get something here for every kind of occassion that one needs to dress up for.
    Ishk caters to individual wants, unlike most other places where you try to fit into ‘their sizes’.
    When you are wearing an outfit from Ishk – you are guaranteed to be in the limelight! And that’s what i like!

    I love shopping at ishk!

  • Sana’

    Ishk has something in store for everyone..AGE NO BAR as I say!!
    What strikes you the instant you walk into the store is the lovely vibrant colors used to do up the décor that gives the place an effervescent feel and look at the same time just like the store owner Ishwaita Merwah.
    Fabrics and clothes at Ishk range from beautiful cottons, to mildly embellished to heavily embroidered. There is something that suits everyone’s taste, requirement and budget as well.
    Every piece meted out is unique in ever sense of the word. From daily basics to downright classy or will find it right here.
    My own personal experience has left me mighty pleased. With every outfit that was made for me, it never got worn without getting “Wowieee’s”!
    Not only do you get your own personalized style of clothing but also can get tips of how to dress up or dress down an outfit with the right accessories.
    From the time Ishwaita spends with you to build up on the idea for your outfit to the end result – its worth every penny. Although a bit expensive, there is no compromise over quality. Rest assured the quality delivered is exquisite.
    I personally would like to thank Ishwaita and her team for their consistent hard work. May they be as creative as ever for many many more years to come. God Bless!!
    Two Thumbs Up to Ishk

  • Ritu Kapoor

    I love this store! The clothes are so beautiful and trendy!The owner is super hands on, and is involved with every little detail. Her clothes make me feel beautiful!
    I live in Singapore, and still shop at Ishq! They have a good process for overseas clients like me, and I am always happy with the end product.
    I love the kids line! The little dresses and lehngas are brilliant, and as well designed as the adult line.
    The owner is quick to solve any issues, and has made me comfortable enough to move all my business to her store.

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