AUM - American University of the Middle East

AUM - American University of the Middle East - جامعة الشرق الأوسط الأمريكية
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  • http://applyingfortheuniversiti khawla al shammari

    please i want to know if the universiti has interior
    decuration major ?

  • AUM101

    American University of the Middle East ( AUM ) is a scam. They set it up like a real university with an affiliation with Purdue University, which gets kickbacks from AUM to keep quite about what’s really going on. They have awful management with vapor degrees, who have many vanity publications in rubbish journals. It is very dishonest money making business. They build new buildings and talk about expansion, but AUM students are worst in Kuwait. they are there to get their stipend and get their fake degrees. Very bad place to work, long hours, very very weak students and tons of pressure from the management to give grades according to prescribed grade curves. If you want to know what really fake education looks like – go to AUM!

  • Mike Maz

    Yes I heard that as well. It’s another one of those crappy fake universities but you know, lazy (rich) students prefer this type of scam degree mill which, IMO, should be closed down immediately. Imagine living in a building that was designed by an AUM graduate or having a medical test by an AUM graduate…. God forbid…
    The government should close these crappy scam places down and follow up on every fu**er who got a fake degree from there…

  • AUM_is_terrible

    AUM The American University of the Middle East is a rubbish university in all means. Its management thinks that all the employees and lecturers are slaves.
    It is a hire and fire strategy.
    Very terrible place to work in and the worst place to get a degree from.

  • kuwait_girl

    Don’t go to that university it is the worst

  • Avi Dsouza

    The universities in this region are all similar, they use American – Australian – British or Canadian names. Student also prefer these universities, I worked in A.U.M. for more than 3 years .It was good experience. do not worry too much. I left because now I am getting more money.
    your aim should be clear – either you need to move out of your unstable country or you want to get more money than your current job.
    if you are thinking about professionalisam, good HR etc etc then forget. the creame students of these countries will move out for studies, only girls or average students are left who are interest in driving Ferrari than study . on top of this the government is paying their fee and study amount.
    I do not know why people talk about ethics etc. most of the professors in this region are outsiders and they bring politics. these professors try to control and copy their previous experience. Kuwait students are rich and try to bribe or threaten professors. the A.U.M. management control too much because of all these issues but professors feel that they are not giving freedom .I saw many professors taking advantage so they got terminated in one day. Now they write everywhere that this university is bad. the truth is that other universities are much bad than this and full of politics. AUM is very good if you compare with others in same region. there are many many professors who are with A.U.M. university since many years.
    don t forget your objectives which I wrote above. and if you are more intelligent and have enough money than go to western countries.

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