Green Target Company

Green Target Company - شركة جرين تارجت
Green Target Company - شركة جرين تارجت
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  • Manal

    شيء جميل ورائع والى التطور دائما

  • saud alsaleh

    the number has been changed to:

    thank you .. :)

  • Kuwait Paper Dump

    Thank you Saud, the information has been updated.

  • Carol

    That’s exactly what i was looking for! Thank you loads!

  • Sam

    Contact + 965 9990 6510 for collection of papers from your house.

  • Hessa

    Hello,, do you recycle plastic bottle caps or only papper?.. I heard thar you receyle pleastic and cans true? and give money for each ton?.. Do you know anyone who recycles plastic bottle caps?

  • Muhammad

    please provide me the detail of ur services and ur recycling facility adress.

  • RJ

    Hello,i recently decided to separate the recycable materials from the waste ones and i was wondering if some one can pick what i have collected on the daily basis? And what exactly do you recycle?please someone replay ASAP or send me an email on . Good luck in this job i really support it :)

  • sajith

    If anybody want to export this to any region/any country, please inform me. We are the leading Freight Forwarders in Kuwait

  • Bryan Di Salvo

    I am in leading the recycling efforts at BBS in Kuwait. I am working closely with Carol. We need roughly 30 large paper cardboard boxes. These will be used to collect the paper/plastic bottles from individual classrooms.

    Can someone please call me @ 6096-3434 at your earliest convenience so that we can touch base? I know that Carol has also inquired about boxes/bins.

    I look forward to meeting you and working with you to make BBS a Greener school!


    Bryan Di Salvo

  • Bryan Di Salvo

    Addendum to above message” I am leading the recycling efforts for BBS MIDDLE SCHOOL (not all of BBS as we are all working together from the HS,MS, and ES.).

  • Moli Diva

    I am working with a group of school children, teaching them the 3R’s. I would like to bring them to your recycling facility as an opportunity for them to see in action what they learn. How can you facilitate this? Could you please send me the details of the people that I need to speak to?

    Moli Diva

  • Delores

    We wish to become involved in your recycling program. Please inform how to get started and advise if you recycle anything beyond paper/newspaper products.

    Thank you.

  • Kristy

    I am looking for regular pick ups for paper, cardboard and plastics and was wondering how I set this up and what the charges are. Thanks! It’s so great to find something like this!

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