Buongiorno - Great Healthy Beginnings

Buongiorno - Great Healthy Beginnings - بونجورنو
Buongiorno - Great Healthy Beginnings - بونجورنو
Buongiorno - Great Healthy Beginnings - بونجورنو
Buongiorno - Great Healthy Beginnings - بونجورنو
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  • Anm

    Thanks for adding this :)

  • Paper Dump

    Anm: You’re welcome. If you have other requests or contributions, feel free to contact us about them.

  • http://sha5bo6a87.blogspot.com/ رورو الشخبوطه


    جربته اكثر من مره..

    جربت راب السيزر ماحبيته ..

    جربت السيزر زينه..

    جربت الجكن فيليه حلووه ..

    الجيز كيك رفيجتي طلبتها يتنا مثلجه وعاديه..

    البنات يمدحون سلطة الجرجير

    هذا اكثر شي اذكر البنات مدحوه لانه اكثر من وحده..

    وبس ..


  • http://ahamshay.com Shaymaa

    We tried their catering service and it was excellent! Service and selection, the owner was very friendly and had shown up to supervise the set up.

    only downside is that their dine-in service still needs work, but catering is a thumbs up!

    Their Chicken Wraps are excellent and Caesar Salad is a go. For dessert, ask for the Date Cakes!

  • hamad

    Hi restaurant is very sweet and tried a clean checks Sezer, rap and Terki and authority of the watercress and cottage cheese and desserts have fun with Boonjurno

  • koka

    chef salad without egg is good and teasty

  • ali

    its very expensive
    eggs bacon 1.250

    u can get whole cartooon for that price for super market i cant belive even u can pay for break fast 3.5 KD … la bagette beter and cheaper !!

  • http://www.6alabat.com Shwaish

    best hallom ever!!

  • Roland

    Really it’s a shame; I’m a regular customer since more than 4 years, and Bonjiorno was my first choice; but what happened today was unacceptable at all; I had ordered my usual meal with brown bread today, but the bread was not fresh, I just called Sharq branch, just to inform them about what happened; and in a very disrespect way the operator there had accused me with lying. I was really shocked! Anyway, I believe that even if they are not capable to be into the standers, this will never make people get to be liars.
    My advise to the admin there, either to work again on their food quality or prepare a good staff that can deal with people in a proper respectful way.

  • Jamila

    I am unable to view the menu.

  • http://www.kuwaitpaperdump.com/ Kuwait Paper Dump

    We had a technical problem. Sorry about that.

  • http://www.m7md8.com M7md :3

    المطعم أكله حلو ما ختلفنا
    بس خدمتهم وفففففففت

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