Cinnabon - World Famous Cinammon Rolls

Cinnabon - World Famous Cinammon Rolls - سينابون - حلويات بالدارسين مشهورة عالميا
Cinnabon - World Famous Cinammon Rolls - سينابون - حلويات بالدارسين مشهورة عالميا
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  • ZZZ

    don’t try the home delivery service, they usually deliver leftovers. go there and get some, they’re the best in kuwait. much better than cinnzeo’s

  • Amanda Harb

    I called 25711911 at around 0700 in the moring.The man I talked to was rude over the phone and informed me they do not deliver in the morning.Why do not in the moring?That is when most people eat cinnabon’s.I have to say this is not good for the restruant and whoever own’s this place needs new employee’s and a new way of running this restruant.

  • mary

    they are fantastic good quality and better service i love cinnabon

  • Bola

    i love cinnabon ! its amazing ! I love it soo much ! i just cant have enough of it !

  • Jay

    I love cinnabons but when I called that number to order cinnabons for ramadan, a guy picked up I said I wanted to place an order, he then hanged up on me and refused to pick up the phone. I never got my order. Cinnabon’s delivery suck.

  • http://yahoo Mrs.Mariam

    Yestarday I went to Cinnabon Jehra,It was disaster not cinnabon roll but staff behavior,expecialy restaurant incharge.

  • mary

    they have a new stix with chocolet , amazing you have to try it

  • mona

    today i order cinabon , the lady on the phone was very good
    and the order came on time and tasty . MSM

  • Umiko

    i’m going to order now :))))))))))))))))

  • Abdurrahamn

    Cinnabon is so mean. i mean, how could they make something so good?? im obsessed! i dont really trust the home delivery thing.
    cinnabon, i hope i could get enough of you someday!
    and are you a single, or a plural? you’re so confusing!
    I hate you!

  • Dana

    Ive never called them but I used which is way better!

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