Dunkin’ Donuts’

Dunkin’ Donuts’ - دنكن دونتس
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  • Mansoor

    Hello, this is really disgusting , there is no telephone number available all internet to order in kuwait

  • mu mansoor

    in reply the the previous comment!! disgusting ? because you can’t order!!! you lazy bum!!! you are disgusting !

  • nasser

    its a great deal all over good taste and value need no more to visit and try ( 1 kd you can get amrican coffe and 2 donuts of your choice )

  • Nory

    LOL @ mu mansoor!

  • Rotten potato

    Because of us they still exist, we’re the couch-potatoes, we eat donuts and play WoW, all it needs is to be dilivered, even KK donut customers will probably convert to Dunken.. ffs..

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