Farah Restaurant

Farah Restaurant - مطعم فرح
Farah Restaurant - مطعم فرح
Farah Restaurant - مطعم فرح
Farah Restaurant - مطعم فرح
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  • http://sha5bo6a87.blogspot.com/ رورو الشخبوطه

    احب فتوشهم واحلى شي انه يحطون قرشه بروح فيها ليمون ..

    سوالف الريوق عندهم حلوه..

    هم اللحم و الكلوب ساندويش بس عيبها مو محمشه التوسته

    وعصير الفرواله بعد نايس..

    وبس هذا اللي اذكره ..


  • tiny-girl

    this is the worst restaurant ever !

  • Rajesh

    U r right tiny-girl. This is the worst restaurent in Kuwait.
    For God sake never eat products of this restaurent.

  • abdula

    I have tried other places in Kuwait, but Farrah has been around before the 1980’s. MY dad ate it i eat and my sons will eat it. Will like the food they produce and the quality. If you go inside the restaurant its all Italian marble and wooden ceilings. All the other restaurants are cheap and nasty.

  • sailordude

    I like Farrah, I also like most food places in Kuwait but I like Farrah better then most. I don’t understand why someone would say bad things about them unless they work at the competition.

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