Great Steak

Great Steak - غريت ستيك
Great Steak - غريت ستيك
Great Steak - غريت ستيك
Great Steak - غريت ستيك
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  • Mahmoud Alqabandi

    ymy yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  • umaziz

    the beef wraps r better than the chicken..the sides r also good :)

  • anil


  • jojo

    moshay lo3at chabd ooooooooooooooh

  • m

    ymy ymy

  • Fahad Al-Kiswani

    A very good Resturant .. Correct the beef tastes better.

    Just for the record it’s 7araam to say things like wee3 on food .. You won’t appreciate it untill you loose it..

    El 7amd lellah 3ala kol ne3ma

  • salem

    ur food is tasty and delicious but plss change ur staff in cooking area they are looking dirty

  • john

    you need better customer service, your phone line sucks it takes forever for someone to answer.

  • Scarlett Razorwrist :)

    if i ordered food to my house.would it be good like other fast food resturant , cuz i heard that it would suck if they delivered it to your house,tho :)! ?

  • jessica x

    You need atleast one or two more dilevery men , because it take like one hour to arrive our food and sometimes the food feels cold…

  • adam-atiyeh

    Fahad Al-Kiswani ya you are writ its bad when pepole say wee3 say good food pepole dont eat say 7mdala 3ala n3ama walla walla walla

  • adam-atiyeh

    really i like that food its awesome food

  • sanaa

    i like it and my familly also, this restuarant have lots of my memories with friends :)
    also i order for house same quality, but yes it takes long time for delivery :(

  • alawenio

    mmmm shkla yshaweg 5l nshoof el menu :) 

  • Enginner

    Very good !!! But they reduce the amount of fries !!!!!!!!!!!

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