KatKoot Restaurant

KatKoot Restaurant - مطعم الكتكوت
KatKoot Restaurant - مطعم الكتكوت
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  • http://www.kuwaitpaperdump.com/ Kuwait Paper Dump

    Word of warning: We don’t recommend this restaurant. We’ve had multiple incidents where our orders contained hair and bugs!

  • Alaa

    I agree with you, last time we have order, it come with cockroach, live one, taste is good, but unclean !!

  • http://shadyboules.wordpress.com/ Shady

    are u guyz serious ??? I’ve ordered many times lately but it was ok !!! maybe i didn’t notice the hair but it looked clean!!!

  • Ahmed

    i have been ordering from the salmia branch for two years. and they have a killer saj chese + ive never had any complaints from there clensenes.

    i belove its the number 1 fatyer restrant in kuwait.

  • Abdullah


    hello!!!!!are u guys serious let me tell u something my school is at hawally there is a katkoot resteranat right next to it i order it for breakfast everyday and i see them make it its not one of those resteraunts that do it out back then hand it over they do it right infront of u and ive never seen a bug or hair so kuwait paper dump you toss over alot of DUMP!!!!!!

  • http://www.kuwaitpaperdump.com/ Kuwait Paper Dump

    Thank you all for your feedback n_n we are glad everyone’s had a better experience with their orders than we have. Enjoy!

  • jamal

    Very good eating for breakfast on weekends

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