LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
LoFat - لو فات
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  • http://sha5bo6a87.blogspot.com/ رورو الشخبوطه

    جربت السيزر منهم ع ابو اذا عجبني بطلبه بالدوام..

    بس طلعت تجربه فاشله صولصهم شوويه ومو ذاك الزود..


  • genny


  • http://www.mostaqil.org shaymaa

    صار المطعم المفضل عندي .. رورو دكاترة التغذية يقولون اللي يخرب على السلطة الصلصة اللي تنحط فكل ما كانت أقل و أخف تكون اقل سعرات حرارية .. انا بعد السيزر ما اعجبتني وايد

    البيتزا حلوه و راب الدياي بالخس عجبني وايد و البطاط حلو واشياء وايد

    كل مرة احاول اطلب شي يديد :>

  • Dalia Al-Qabandi

    امبيه الحين صكتها البلدية لان طلع مطبخهم وصخ جدااا وكانو يزهبون الاكل بهالوصاخة والقذارة … الله يلعنهم اشوة اني ماكليت شي منهم

  • Leith Otaiba


  • http://twitter.com/LoFatGroup Lofat

    Dalia Al-Qabandi:
    Read this post please :-)

  • Hasan Almahmeed

    PDF link not functioning.

  • http://www.kuwaitpaperdump.com/ Kuwait Paper Dump

    Sorry for the inconvenience, please try again.
    The PDF file is around 17 MB in size.

  • Za3lana Rathoone

    I would like to
    comment about the very unprofessional experience I had with lofat. I had
    previously been with similar diet company and decided to change to lofat after
    ordering take away from them. The pizza was unbelievably tasty and brownie was similarly
    good! I decided to join and set up an appointment and was looking forward to
    losing a bit of weight, as I had piled up those winter pounds!

    I was assigned a dietician,
    I explained my lifestyle and my previous diet programmes and eating habits, explaining
    that my work schedule did not allow me time to see my kids let alone go for a
    45min walk!. I felt that she was very pushy didn’t encourage me at all, I felt
    rushed out to choose form the menu. Never the less I went into the waiting room
    looking down at the menu thinking, I need help! I don’t know what to choose, I needed
    guidance on what was good and what was not, and chose randomly food I generally

    Within the first 2
    weeks I was a very, very disappointed costumer! I felt the portions were far to
    small, I also received on a number of occasions uncooked food, this included
    rice, lentils and potatoes, and what made me reach the last straw was when I
    found a hair in my salad!

    I tried calling but
    the number that was given was automated and I was not given my dieticians
    number, and as I had already mentioned I’m very much tied up at work and don’t
    have time to sit and wait and listen to an automated service! So on my next appointment
    I mentioned these issues to my dietician, which did not seem concerned, and was
    more concerned about the fact I didn’t not make time for a half hour walk! She
    told me I should report my complaints to the receptionist. Very annoyed by her
    very unprofessional attitude, and the fact that I only lost about a kilo (that
    was probably from not eating their food!) I went to the receptionist. She was
    more helpful and explained that she was going to inform management and will no
    doubted will get some kind of compensation, and that this was not acceptable.

    I didn’t hear from management
    until I sent a message replay to their text advertisement! Management then
    called me to tell me that I was the only customer with this complaint and because
    I didn’t not immediately call when I had found the hair/ uncooked food (I mean
    how could I? most of the time I was eating the food over my keyboard at work)
    and so they could only offer me 1 day compensation!

    I didn’t not take
    their compensation; and was very upset with the way i can not end this with a
    happy ending and thought I would share this unsatisfactory experience with
    lofat with you. Some people have lost weight with them, but from what I experience
    it was probably guess it was from the low quality food, their own dedication
    and not lofats unprofessional standards!

    I would have to give
    lofat a big thumb down, and would not even recommend it to people I dislike!




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