Q Cafe

Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
Q Cafe - كيو كافيه
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  • TG

    WoooooW as if you were reading my mind!!!!
    I was searching for their number today morning! I text messaged 1808080 with no result.. called 101.. and searched the net but I found nothing about em! I know that Qcafe is listed in 6alabat website, but I needed to call them instead of ordering through 6alabat.. el na7eesen ma re`6aw ya36ooony el ragim! nor did they accept to call them and ask for what I wanted to know!
    Many thanks to you dear.. and best wishes :)

  • arwa behbehani

    i would like to thank you on placing my menu,

  • http://www.kuwaitpaperdump.com/ Kuwait Paper Dump

    Arwa: You are most welcome

  • amelie joy manalo

    very mouthwatering menu….bona petite!

  • http://sha5bo6a87.blogspot.com/ رورو الشخبوطه

    هم جربته خخ..

    بس توصيل مو بالكافيه نفسه..

    طلبت سيزر وكلوب ساندويش

    كانوا زينين مو واو..

    وخذيت براوني ماحبيتها صولصها شويه وايد لزج ..


  • Ni’3a

    ana awal mara sm3t 3an elcafee men site 6alabat .. waayyed lefat nathari o enshallah baro7la 3ala youm ;p

  • ab’s

    estonished about a filipino employee manners regarding cigarettes and smokers.. I was sitting with friends,then suddenly 3 people entered and smoked one after one, it was so bad smell, when I asked the employee to aware the smokers .. his answer was careless and dismissed my request … So a never go back there defenatly .. this is old fashion to put ashtray and in a small place…

  • بوخالد

    بصراحة .. آنا أتبع غذاء صحي ، ولقيت فعلاً الإفطار الصحي عندهم والتوصيل للمكتب (شرق) وايد سريع ، والشغل وايد مرتب ونظيف .

  • Simulatehappiness

    Ordered in some Coffee and Breakfast from Q cafe at work today. Very disappointing!

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