Schlotzsky's - شولتسكيز
Schlotzsky's - شولتسكيز
Schlotzsky's - شولتسكيز
Schlotzsky's - شولتسكيز
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  • Ansam

    Chicken Dijon sandwich is highly recommended ;-)

  • s.

    it took them 1 hr 15 minutes to deliver!

  • Kuwait Paper Dump

    Yes, they’re not as fast as their competitors :/

  • Mike

    Where are they located?

  • mary

    i like thier bun it’s very unique original sandwich very tasty

  • Bashar

    I just ordered and he said it will be there in 30 minutes, lets see

    btw you can add Salmiya branch phone # its 22274999 :)

    good luck KPD

  • Kuwait Paper Dump

    Thanks Bashar n_n we’ve added their Salmiya branch phone number. How was it?

  • Bashar

    guess what guys, i ordered via 6alabat at 11:43 and it arrived form their salmiya branch at 12:17 so 30 mins!

    not sure is it because salmiya close to jabriya or 6alabat has special consideration :D

    their roastbeef is pretty nice i ordered it without tomato, the chips on the menu turned out to be bo6a6 laiz :P not real one

    so the experience rates 9/10 overall

  • Bashar

    another order from Salmiya to office in Salmiya, at 2:37 lets see when it reach :D

  • Kuwait Paper Dump


  • johnny

    Salmiya place is the best!!!

  • aziz

    First order. Been waiting an hour and a half and still nothing. Called them and had them cancel it. Never even considering ordering from that place again. So much for a post workout meal.

  • aziz

    The delivery addy was to Jabriya.

  • aziz

    So I decided to give them another chance… the guy arrived… I paid him…. he left and the order was incomplete.
    Now they’re telling me I’ll have to wait until tomorrow where they will send the driver to give me a refund. Ridiculous.

  • mohd

    1 hour and 10 min till now and still nothing >:(
    they are not even answering the phone wtf?
    i’m so mad right now i will not order from them again

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