Slider Station

Slider Station - سلايدر ستيشن
Slider Station - سلايدر ستيشن
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  • Maram!

    Ghaannny 3aan el ta3reef!
    m6ay7a hnaack !
    matchsticks friess!
    Slideeer burgeeeer!<33

  • Ansam

    I like their lollipops too and machsticks :-) Their wagyu portabello slider, black widow burger and their awesome staff!

  • communicator

    sounds TASTY …..HHMMM…

  • Tarik

    wayid tasamom cases

  • LuLu

    Its the best place ever, the food is perfect, the staff are perfect and everything is perfect :)
    Tarik, I have never heard such a thing no one ever complained about Slider Station before !

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