Subway - صب واي
Subway - صب واي
Subway - صب واي
Subway - صب واي
Subway - صب واي
Subway - صب واي
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  • fatima

    wow cool site its got alot of information in all kind of stuff amazing

    thank u for the subway list

  • Rohith perera

    LOW FAT………

  • Abdullah

    Your service is died slow! I called subway, and they made me wait for 45min on the phone, and they still didnt answer.

  • communicator

    I have tried Subway always on tehir delivery service and it doesnt happen to me that i need to wait on the phone..Their service was good and fast .. , Dude maybe you are just unlucky !

  • communicator

    Subway delivery is better than Mc.Donald’s in Kuwait City ..They made me wait 55 mins on receiving my food ..


    no 1 fast home delivery service in kuwait thtz undoutable subway!!!!!!!

  • Umair

    awsome website.

    i always order my subway from here :)

    had hard time looking for Bank Brochures can someone post them please?

  • Ansari Rawther

    Dear friend i hoping that Mc Donald’s dont have home delivery service in Kuwait

  • Ansari Rawther

    Dear Subway team member i get one of you sandwich that was really tasting and it was eating like fat free food

  • malekshah

    wow.,before i enjoyed eating subway.but now its worster than any fast sood in kuwait.once me and my friend shahid went to a store,the crew staff did not respect us,shouting at friend also shouted and was very angry.
    so please think 100 times before you try SUBWAY.

  • Maryam

    Hey, can someone tell me where can i officially complain about subway delivery operator and the manager of its branch in Kuwait Magic??? This is because….

    We always call delivery but most of the time we get our orders incomplete (perhaps they don’t read the order receipt carefully). Yesterday, i ordered sandwich and cookies at around 5:50pm and received only the sandwich at 6:30pm (THEY FORGOT THE COOKIES). So, i have to call the operator again to inform them and the manager told me that it will be delivered in 10mins. Guess what time i received the cookies??? 9PM!!!!! What the heck they where thinking??? I was so pissed off, i was already treated badly by the operator who received my orders then again i was insulted by the way the manager spoke to me as if i am working for him.

    Though how much your food taste good but with the services that sucks then everything will be messed up.

    I hope that those people (without proper etiquette) who works in subway must think and realize that customers are the one bringing money to their company and paying them so they SHOULD TREAT US GOOD!

  • josh

    The subway food are very nice and tasty , my all family members like subway more than any food concept in kuwait especially my babies ,tks subway kuwait

  • josh

    i like the new subway flat bread ,,,,,what a taste

  • sher

    home delivery is very bad no answer… i tried somany times… i complain but still no use…

  • evan

    Please update the pricelist in PDF as this is already outdated. everything is very helpful in this site! thanks!

  • Kuwait Paper Dump

    Thank you evan, if you have an updated menu please send it to us here

  • http://gutjedk student

    the menu only got turkey and meat !
    i’v never tried anything from subway , and i’m thinking not to order anything from them in the future , i love chicken and fish , and they don’t seem to have it from the menu i’v just seen !!!!!

  • Kuwait Paper Dump

    We believe they have chicken, but you better contact them and let them know.

  • Bastaki22

    they have alaskian carb meet 

  • Kyleeee17

    nobody’s answering their hotline?? do you know why? it’s already been 2 weeks now and no one seems to answer the call. 

  • marron glace

    Why home devilry  if they  DON’T answer the calls !
    Too BAD for Subway !!!

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