Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken - تكساس تشيكن
Texas Chicken - تكساس تشيكن
Texas Chicken - تكساس تشيكن
Texas Chicken - تكساس تشيكن
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  • http://www.topdark.com/main Bader

    5ooosh ma63am

  • Sulaiman

    a7la oo anthaf min KFC

  • s3ad

    7arebo ma63am dajaj alkaneesa

  • يوعان

    دجاج الكنيسه ,, خلاص عيل روح دوامك على جمل ولا حمار لاتسوق سيايير النصارى واليهود

    مشكله التخلف

  • danooo

    sa3ad masema3t eb ma8oolat elyoo3 kafer kaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
    ee walla moshkela el ta5alof

  • AdrenalinRush

    Their food is very nice, but be careful of their drivers and their ‘calculations’!
    The driver over charged us, and when I called the restaurant to tell them that this wasnt right, they made the driver call and talk to me and he wouldnt hush! lol Instead of me complaining HE was complaining! and when i explained that i didnt need the money he took, but i would like to see a better service in the future, he said thats up to him!! lol they need some customer service training, they need to know we dont pay for food only, we expect service too, and right change lol

  • http://biboybanalph biboy

    I went to texas chicken today after my duty…and i ordered to one the manager in charge. the parts of chicken that i want is dark meat ..i ordered 4 pcs chicken ..what is so stranged was he refused to give my order nor he said only legs and wing he can sale for me…he didnt offer me to wait till the next batch of chicken cooked..he let me walk away and go to ohter restautant beside..honestly i love texas chicken but the way of customer service was very poor…the location of the rest is in al manshar fahaheel..and there was a skiny filipino manager in charge was there…

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