Turkish Grill

Turkish Grill - تركش جرل
Turkish Grill - تركش جرل
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  • reem

    hi , i want to thank everybody working at tgalsoulibiya for the way they serving customers and tasty food they had

  • http://www.tgkuwait.com Kamel Alzyoud

    you are mostly welcome REEM :)

    Thanks & best regards,

    Kamel Alzyoud
    Mareting Manager

  • umaziz

    great food..good prices!!! keep it up

  • thunayan

    i hate this resturant

  • http://www.tgkuwait.com Kamel

    thanks a lot Umaziz

  • http://www.tgkuwait.com Kamel

    Hi Thunayan,

    please can i know why you hate Turkish Grill ??


  • Bk

    Ok this isnt even real turkish food. It’s lebanese food with turkish grill sticker slapped on it. lool

  • Yousef

    best hommus in town ;)

  • mohamed alahmadi

    BK, you are so correct but you have to know that all this food is really turkish like Kebab, sheesh tawook…etc! the SHAM people took it and said its theirs…! very strange. anyway, this concept is turkish food in lebanese style, thats the right word for your comment

  • sarah

    LOVE !!!

  • goodcharacter

    their english website is really funny, writing english in arabic style and you need a mirror
    but the food is nice

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