Wasabi - وسابي
Wasabi - وسابي
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  • Fabio

    I went to Wasabi Yesterday (Bida’a), and their food wz terrible, the salmon Avocado salad wz a cheat, crab, 7 pcs of salmon, and not much avocado, all on top & the bottom is full of lettuce with a terrible sauce. Rolls do not have taste as they are full of tobiko (Flying fish caviar, shrimp tempura, is big in looks but small inside, and they r not using proper batter (Japanese tempura batter) and the sauce is tasteless. I give it 1/10……never again

  • http://sir/mam sagar shrestha

    hi i am a sushi chef. i am looking for job. how can i apply please reply me thank you.

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