Viva Internet

Viva Internet - فيفا انترنت
Viva Internet - فيفا انترنت
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    your internet is SHIT , they claim that u will receive 21.7 Mbs but when u sign ur contract and once u start using it at home u find out that it’s BULL SHIT … the max speed i reached was 1.50 Mbs = 150 Kbs and im paying 18 per month ….. and ur technical support staff is a bunch of uneducated ass holes, they fuckn knw nothing about internet or cellular data …  A7A fuck u , u suck mothafukerzzzzzz

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    I signed a data plan with them on 12 April 2014 and the
    router stopped working on 16 April 2014!! Went back to the sales office where I
    signed the contract they refused to help and referred me to Technical staff at
    Olympia mall. Went to mall they fixed the router and a day later it stopped
    working AGAIN. Opened a ticket with VIVA customer service and they referred me
    to technical staff. Spent 40 mins on the phone talking to various technical
    people and the end result go to the Olympia mall.

    In a nutshell I made a BIG mistake signing with VIVA, WHY:

    – Faulty routers

    – Sales people don’t care after the contract is signed

    – Customer services at 102 give you run around

    – Technical staff at 102 are incompetent and clueless

    – Ultimate solution for anything & everything go to
    Olympia Mall

    To get out of the contract I have to pay more money; IMAGINE

    People please think hard before doing business with these
    VIVA people!!!!

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